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APOLLO Silicone Sealant A200

APOLLO Silicone Sealant A200 is a one-part cure acid silicone sealant that is highly resilient and resistant to all weather conditions. APOLLO A200 is especially suitable for small glass aquariums.
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View user manual
Hightlighted features
High elasticity, good adhesion, fast-drying
Adhesion to
Glass, sliding aluminum frame, non-porous surface, glass tank
Translucent, white, gray, black
300 mL/cartridge
25 cartridges/box
Especially suitable for glass tanks Not suitable for some plastics Need to use a primer with some materials
Technical features
No subsidence
Skin-over time
11 minutes
Specific Gravity
1.00 +- 0.05
Hardness - Shore A
Tensile strength (Mpa)
Movement Capability (%)
Construction surface temperature
5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius
Thermal resistance
-50 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius

Introducing the Apollo Silicone Sealant A200

The Apollo Silicone Sealant A200 is a one-part acid cure curing silicone sealant designed specifically for sealing, filling, and bonding various material joints together. Made from top-quality raw materials sourced globally, the Apollo Silicone A200 boasts numerous outstanding advantages. With similar properties and functionalities as the Apollo Silicone A300, the Apollo A200 product was created to diversify options for users.

The Apollo Silicone Sealant A200

Product benefits

When talking about glass silicone sealant, you cannot overlook the Apollo Silicone Sealant A200. It stands as one of the widely used products for glass bonding in residential constructions. Not just confined to glass surfaces, Apollo A200 is also effective across various surfaces and different construction projects.

This product is incredibly user-friendly, requiring no high-level expertise or technical mastery during application. Moreover, Apollo A200 possesses excellent elasticity, enabling it to rebound well after stretching or compression.

Product Application

As a one-component acid-curing silicone sealant, it rapidly dries upon contact with air, exhibiting exceptional elasticity and adhesion. Apollo A200 is best used for sealing, filling, and bonding glass cabinet surfaces, sliding frame glass, windows, and more. Note that while it can be used with primer, a surface check before formal application is advisable.

Real-life applications of Apollo Silicone Sealant A200

Product Characteristics

  • The Apollo Silicone Sealant A200 is a one-component acid-curing silicone sealant that cures at room temperature when exposed to ambient moisture. After curing, it forms a rubber-like elastic material.

  • As a product, it excels in bonding and sealing surfaces more effortlessly than typical silicone products available today.

  • It adheres exceptionally well to various glass surfaces, offering superior adhesion.

  • Capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from below -50 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for outdoor projects enduring diverse weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Product nature: Acid.

  • Indentation and sagging: None.

  • Air-drying time: 5 minutes.

  • Average surface curing time: 11 minutes.

  • Product hardness: 21 according to ASTM D412 standard, maximum tensile strength reaches 1.5 MPa, maximum elongation reaches 450%.

  • Temperature stability ranges from -50 to 150 degrees Celsius.

Product Packaging

  • The Apollo Silicone A200 is packaged in a 300ml plastic tube.

  • The packaging contains comprehensive information about its composition, usage instructions, manufacturing date, shelf life, and storage conditions. Please review thoroughly before use.

Guide to using the Apollo Silicone Sealant A200

Apollo Silicone A200 is a single-component acid-curing silicone sealant specifically designed for glass materials

Customers can refer to the instructions labeled on the bottle of Apollo Silicone Sealant A200 or follow the information provided below:

Preparation steps

  • Thoroughly clean and remove impurities, dust, oils, protective coatings, etc., then ensure the surfaces requiring Apollo Silicone A200 sealing are completely dry.

  • Utilize solvents like IPA, Acetone, Xylene, or Mek to sanitize and clean the surfaces to be sealed.

Product usage

  • Apply masking tape around the surface and then use a silicone gun to apply the sealant into cracks and openings.

  • Once the sealing is complete as needed, remove the masking tape, clean the area again, and wait for approximately 24 hours for optimal results before using the sealed surface.

Important notice when using Apollo Silicone Sealant A200

Relevant product information is labeled on the bottle. Customers should thoroughly read the usage instructions and safety information before application.

Product expiration date and Storage Conditions

The ideal temperature for storing and preserving Apollo Silicone A200 sealant ranges from 10 to 35 degrees celsius. After usage, any remaining sealant in the container may deteriorate in quality if not stored correctly. Limit exposing unused sealant to direct contact with air, dust, high temperatures, or humid environments.

Product Limitations

Apollo Silicone Sealant A200 is not recommended for use in scenarios such as continuous water immersion, below-ground environments, excessively corrosive joints, or surfaces enduring physical stress beyond tolerance limits.

Health and Environmental Information

  • The composition of the Apollo Silicone Sealant A200 includes acid-curing components and certain additives. During use, it's advisable to use protective gear like masks, goggles, gloves, etc.

  • In case of skin contact or eye exposure, rinse thoroughly with soap or eyewash.

  • Manufacturers advise against using Apollo Silicone A200 for medical purposes or introducing it into the human body. Keep the sealant out of reach of children.

With the principle “Apollo Silicone - Bonding for life”, we don't just offer quality bonding products but also prioritizes environmental protection and ensures user safety. All Apollo Silicone products, including Apollo A200, are made from premium, environmentally friendly certified materials with clear origins.

Introducing the Apollo Silicone App

We have developed the Apollo Silicone app with numerous user-friendly features, catering to customer needs. Here's some information about the our app:

  • Updates on customer care policies, events, workshops, competitions, and more exclusively for customers.

  • QR code scanning feature on the silicone sealant bottles to verify authentic products versus counterfeit ones.

  • Keeping you informed about the latest products with useful functionalities.

Customers can install the Apollo app on their phones to verify genuine products by scanning the UV QR code printed on the bottle.


The Apollo Silicone application is now available on both Android and iOS platforms. Customers can easily download and use it for free. Download the Apollo Silicone app now to experience its convenient features!

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