Silicone Sealant | Apollo Silicone Sealant A500 - Top waterproofing

Apollo Silicone Sealant A500 - Top waterproofing

APOLLO Silicone Sealant A500 is a one-part silicone sealant that cures neutrally when exposed to air and forms rubber-like plasticity. The A500 can be used in outdoor environments thanks to its high heat resistance and indoor spaces thanks to its odorless properties.
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Hightlighted features
Low elasticity Well-adhesive Fast-drying Odorless
Adhesion to
Glass, door and window frames, porous and non-porous surfaces
Translucent, white, gray, black, wood, dark grey, dark sand, dark brown
300 mL/cartridge
25 cartridges/box
Especially suitable for porous surfaces and indoor environments Not suitable for positions with displacement
Technical features
No subsidence
Skin-over time
12 minutes
Specific Gravity
1.39 +- 0.05
Hardness - Shore A
Tensile strength (Mpa)
Movement Capability (%)
Construction surface temperature
5 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius
Thermal resistance
-50 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius

Apollo Silicone Sealant A500 - Top waterproofing

The Apollo Silicone Sealant A500 is one of the versatile sealants applicable to various construction projects. Particularly, Apollo A500 is considered an outstanding waterproofing agent, highly suitable for sealing in damp areas that are in frequent contact with water.

1. What is Apollo Silicone Sealant A500?

The Apollo Silicone Sealant A500 is an one-part silicone sealant that neutrally cures upon exposure to air moisture. Apollo A500 dries quickly, forming a resilient and flexible adhesive structure.

Apollo Silicone A500 - Exceptional waterproofing agent, applicable to various construction projects

1.1 Product applications

Its ability to cure upon exposure to air moisture makes the silicone adhesive Apollo A500 durable and flexible.

  • This adhesive is highly suitable for sealing, bonding different materials for projects affected by weather temperatures, humidity, ozone, UV rays, etc.

  • Moreover, Apollo Silicone A500 is used to seal surfaces in construction such as plaster, white cement, concrete, aluminum composite panels because it does not corrode metals or erode material surfaces.

  • For non-porous surfaces like window frames, doors, interior and exterior joints, the Apollo A500 sealant ensures strong bonding.

  • Additionally, the Apollo Silicone A500 adhesive is applied to seal gaps, cracks on walls, ceilings, attach glass, sliding aluminum frames, ceramics, plastics, tiled stone surfaces, etc.

1.2 Product benefits

  • With premium components and versatile application, the Apollo Silicone Sealant  A500 offers high restorability, easily used even after being subjected to stretching or compression.

  • Notably, the adhesive is unaffected by sunlight, rain, temperature, UV rays, ozone, demonstrating excellent resistance to weather conditions, ensuring project quality.

  • Apollo A500 has diverse applications, user-friendly, and environmentally safe.

  • The product dries quickly upon contact with air, saving construction time, reducing material costs while ensuring quality and effectiveness in sealing and bonding for the project.

1.3 Product Features

  • Silicone Sealant Apollo A500 quickly solidifies upon contact with air. Its exceptionally high bonding strength ensures long-lasting durability for the project.

  • The silicone adhesive does not shrink due to weather conditions.

  • It exhibits excellent resistance against water pressure, chemicals, and environmental impacts.

  • Resistant to dirt, mold, ensuring the bonded area remains clean.

  • The product is odorless, composed of safe components for users and the environment.

  • Withstands heat well, doesn't corrode, melt, or change color due to temperature or weather conditions.

Real-life applications of Apollo Silicone Sealant A500

1.4 Product characteristic features

  • Indentation and sagging: None.

  • Estimated working time: 12 minutes.

  • Surface curing time, white color in 12 minutes, other colors in 8 minutes.

  • Specific gravity: 1.05 for white color and 1.39 for other colors.

  • Hardness -  Shore A, transparent colors in 28, other colors in 38.

  • Maximum tensile strength according to ASTM D412 (MPa): 1.2

  • Maximum elongation according to ASTM D412: 450%.

  • Temperature stability: -50 to 150 degrees Celsius.

  • Elasticity: ± 12.5%.

  • Standards applied: BS 5889 type B, CNS 8903 A 2136 SR-1-9030-A-N.

1.5 Product packaging

Apollo Silicone Sealant A500 is packaged in a convenient 300mL tube, easy to handle in the palm for construction purposes. Its exterior is labeled with the Apollo Silicone and product code to prevent confusion with other products.

The tube contains complete product information along with a QR code for customers to verify the authenticity of the product, preventing the purchase of counterfeit or low-quality products.

2. Guide to using Apollo Silicone Sealant A500

To achieve the best effectiveness of Apollo Silicone A500, follow the instructions below.

2.1 Preparation

Clean the entire surface, removing dust, old sealant, or protective coatings. Dry grease, eliminate moisture, or remove adhesive residues on the surface.

Properly applied Apollo Silicone A500 provides outstanding sealing performance

2.2 Application Method

  • Install joint support, fix frames, padding, and adhesive tape.

  • Outline the area around with a layer of primer to ensure a tidy sealant pumping path.

  • For smooth surfaces, no primer is needed. For rough surfaces, smoothen before application.

  • Continuously pump Apollo Silicone Sealant A500 with moderate force. Lightly press for the adhesive to contact the lining materials, the joint surfaces before stopping the application.

  • Finally, remove the primer edge immediately after smoothing the joint.

3. Some important notes

3.1 Limitations

Avoid using Apollo Silicone A500 in the following cases:

  • Structural construction purposes.

  • Waterproofing joints for high-end facades.

  • To bond materials that contain oil, softeners, solvents, unvulcanized rubber pads or linings.

  • Areas where the sealant doesn't contact air.

  • Surfaces directly in contact with food.

3.2 Expiry date and storage conditions of the product

  • Customers can store Apollo Silicone A500 below 30 degrees Celsius in an unopened bottle.

  • The product's shelf life is 12 months from the manufacturing date indicated as DATE on the packaging.

3.3 Health and environmental information

With the criterion "Apollo Silicone, the adhesive for life," Apollo Silicone A500 is manufactured from high-quality materials certified safe and eco-friendly by leading global corporations.

4. Warranty Limitations Information

Apollo Silicone brand developed the Apollo Silicone app with many convenient features catering to customer needs. Here is some information about the application:

  • Updates on customer care policies, events, seminars, competitions, exclusively for customers.

  • QR code scanning feature on the silicone sealant bottle to verify authentic products and prevent counterfeit purchases.

  • Updates on the latest products with useful functionalities.

Apollo Silicone application helps customers access accurate, safe, and prompt product information.

The Apollo Silicone app is now available on both Android and iOS platforms. Customers can easily download and use it for free. Download the Apollo Silicone App now to experience its convenient features and receive many attractive offers!

5. Summary


As a high-quality versatile sealant suitable for various material surfaces, featuring safe components, easy to use and apply, the Apollo Silicone A500 is undoubtedly the perfect adhesive product for your construction projects.

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