Give away Apollo Silicone - Support Hoang Mai Hospital to battle the virus


Hoang Mai field hospital - an urgent and essential work for epidemic prevention and control in Hanoi, in the context of the rapidly evolving and complicated epidemic, the number of new infections in Hanoi has increased rapidly in recent days.

After more than 1 month of urgent construction, the essential scope of work has been completed basically. Currently, the items are being urgently completed such as the partition system of the wards, the oxygen supply system, the monitoring camera, and a variety of machines for the treatment. During the pandemic, the Board of Directors of the Company sent a representative at the Hanoi branch to Hoang Mai field hospital to donate Apollo Silicone in the rushing period.

Hoang Mai field hospital has an area of ​​3.5 ha, with more than 500 beds, divided into 3 administrative areas; nutrition, rest, testing, periodical testing, and medical equipment warehouse; The red zone is for critically ill patients receiving ICU treatment. The hospital also has 69 disinfecting bathrooms and many green spaces.

Hanoi has passed 36 days of social distancing under Directive 16, but the number of new cases is still high, and new outbreaks are constantly appearing. The whole city organized the implementation of the "Covid-19 safe family" model, requiring each household to sign a commitment not to go out when there is no need. Believe that, with drastic, prudent, and timely measures, Hanoi will hope to overcome this difficult period!

Hanoi fighting!

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