Apollo Silicone special promotion.

Special promotion.


No: 0812-21-02/ VB- APL

Regarding promotion campaign


To: Our valued customers

Apollo Silicone JSC sincerely thanks our valued customers for your companionship and cooperation with us during the past years.

2021 was a challenging year full of ups and downs. Raw resources deficit led to disruption in the global supply chain, trade activities and caused a significant price increase. In addition, the changes in resources management policies of some countries also caused the shortage of materials and goods.

We appreciate the sharing and support from our valued customers/partners during the pandemic. As a return to your kindness, may we introduce the special promotion for Apollo Silicone product as below:

  • For A100, A200, A250, A500, A600 products: Free 01 box with the same kind when buying 30 ones
  • Valid from: 08/12/2021 - 18/12/2021
  • Our business team will announce the details to our valued customers for you to estimate.

With our endless effort in exploiting the resources, sustaining the product's quality, bearing the loss to share the difficulties with our agents, we hope to still receive your continued support in the future.

Ho Chi Minh City, 07 December 2021

Apollo Silicone JSC


Do Hoang Mai

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