What is silicone?
Silicone is a mixed compound that is not available in nature. It has good heat resistance and weather resistance. Hence, it is the perfect solution for all internal and external applications. You can find this material in construction, industry, insulation, and medical applications.
What is Silicone Sealant?
Silicone Sealant is a kind of sealant, used in the construction industry. In Vietnam, silicone sealant is also known as construction adhesive thanks to its outstanding adhesion and cohesion ability.
What are the characteristics of Apollo Silicone?
Apollo Silicone products have the characteristics of fast-drying, strong adhesion, high elasticity, no wear and tear, resistance to moisture and ultraviolet rays, with a minimum life of more than 20 years with the ability to withstand extreme temperature conditions (-54°C - 230°C ). In particular, the specialized Apollo Silicone Glass Metal product line is a premium sealant dedicated to the needs of fitting weather-resistant joints, meeting aesthetic needs, and showing high professionalism. Apollo Silicone does not lose color during use. In addition to the available white color, you can choose suitable colors such as milky white, gray, and black depending on the needs and aesthetics. The smell of Apollo Silicone is very light, pleasant, dissolves quickly in the air, and is not toxic to users like other common products. Also, we supply some specialized product lines such as Apollo Silicone A500, A600 with odorless characteristics. Therefore, they are suitable for closed rooms, houses, crowded construction sites. People who are sensitive to the smell of Silicone can use it with peace of mind.
Does the external environment affect the quality of silicone sealant in the bottle?
No, Apollo uses high-quality HPDE primary plastic, which has good elasticity & heat resistance, avoiding environmental factors affect the quality of products.
How should I store opened silicone sealant products?
Before storing the product with the tip of the tube cut off, you should pump the silicone out of the top of the bottle, then cover it with nylon paper and keep it in a cool place.
Why is it necessary to use a primer before using Silicone Sealant?
Primer is to enhance adhesion and drying speed for silicone sealants.
When to use a primer?
Primers are typically used on porous/porous surfaces, raw materials, or painted surfaces. If the surface gets wet usually or the air humidity is high, you should also use primer layers to increase the effectiveness.
Can Silicone Sealant be painted over?
No. Silicone sealant has high elasticity. The paints can be broken in high temperatures when the Silicone sealant stretches. Apollo provides silicone sealant with many different colors such as clear white, milky white, gray, and black to meet the aesthetic needs of users.


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